Le Garage
25 jaar Le Garage Boek
Onze chef de rangs snijden de carvery aan tafel aan
Feel the atmosphere
Bloody Oysters
Presse de Canard, de klassieke tafelbereiding!
Ile Flotante
En Pluche is weer open!
Restaurant Le Garage
Feel the atmosphere
Chef kok Ruben Dekker
Begin de avond met een cocktail!
Special dishes
Le Garage - steak tartare
Team Le Garage
Feel the atmosphere
Poulet Noir
Presse de Canard
Special dishes

Seeing is believing in Restaurant Le Garage, tastefull dishes and wines, are our recipe for a perfect diner!

To avoid disappointments we recommend to make a reservation.

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Le Garage the story

As the name suggests, restaurant “Le Garage” used to be a garage.
The parallel becomes more obvious when we realize that a restaurant is essentially a place where people come to be repaired – or restored.
”You enter tired and exhausted by the drag of daily life, but you leave refreshed and uplifted”, that is the trade of the restaurateur.

A human skill that involves observing, feeling and smiling. People should enjoy being with you. We, of “Le Garage” are trying to make a difference by offering such a welcome, supported by culinary craftmanship, wine advice and atmosphere.
On April 1st 1990, the interior designed by our friend and regular designer Cees Dam (amongst other things known from the ‘Muziektheater’) was opened with a grandiose party, which was attended by a thousand guests. Read More…


25 jaar Le Garage Boek