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    • MENU MAISON à € 37,00

      OEUFS EN MEURETTE, poached eggs, crispy bacon, red wine sauce and baked mini mushrooms.
      Suggestion: Beaujolais € 5,50 per glass.

        - or -

      MACKEREL, roasted with almond and bread sauce, white grapes, watercress and a dill oil.

      Suggestion: Vermentino, Italië € 5,50 per glass.


      LAM STEW, just a good lam stew, because where do you get it?

      Suggestion: Syrah, Tain L’ Hermitage, France € 5.50 per glass.

        - or –

      SALMON, baked a la plancha, potato risotto and a sauce soubise made from stewed onions.

      Suggestion: Chardonnay, Yering, Chili € 5.50 per glass.


      ÎLE FLOTTANTE, a dessert must be sweet, a mouthful of sweet air, made from one egg (!),
      Suggestion: Van Wees “Bruidstranen” likeur € 6.50 per glass.

        - or -

      TARTE TATIN, Ever accidentally invented by the Tatin sisters. Suggestion: Pommeau € 7,50 per glass.

        - or –

      CHEESE, three beautiful pieces for the ones without a sweet tooth.

      Also available as an extra course € 8,50

      Suggestion: Kopke port € 5,50 per glass.