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    • MENU MAISON à € 37,00

      1⁄2 STEAK TARTARE,  it seems so obvious, but it's prepared à la minute...
      Suggestion: Sauvignon Blanc, Languedoc, France € 5.50 per glass.

      - or –

      SARDINE, on baked bread with tomato, basil dressing and snow of olive oil.
      Suggestion: Vermentino, Pays d’Oc, France € 5,50 per glass.


      BLANQUETTE DE VEAU, slowly cooked, just like our chefs mother used to prepare it.
      Suggestion: Syrah, Tain L’ Hermitage, France € 5,50 per glass.

      - or –

      PLAICE, crème of lentil and yellow beetroot. From an old fashioned way, prepared into something new.
      Suggestion: Riesling, Rheingau, Germany € 5,50 per glass.



      ILE FLOTTANTE, a dessert should be sweet, a mouthful of sweet air, made from one egg(!)
      Suggestion: Van Wees “Bruidstranen” liqueur € 6.50 per glass.

      - or –

      RED FRUIT, delicious strawberrys, raspberrys and blackberrys, with confiture of beetroot and a romanoff sauce.
      Suggestion: Muscat de Beaumes de Venise € 7,50 per glass.

      - or –

      CHEESE, three nice pieces for those who don’t want anything sweet.
      Optionally available as an extra course at € 8.50 per person.